I am Cartyisme and I'm an artist interested in cryptocurrency. The following is the process and product of my attempt at a cryptogram. A booklet which contains 13 drawings that act as mnemonic seed for a Monero wallet; a privacy centric cryptocurrency. 50 Booklets were printed and left in public at various locations throughout Central California. .105 XMR, about 40usd, was placed in the corresponding wallet. A reward for whomever figures it out and uses the mnemonic seed to enter the Monero Wallet. Below are scans, pictures, and screenshots of the project. From start to finish.

TLDR: The book is a private key/pass phrase to a Monero Wallet. 50 books were printed and left in public. If you used the images to enter the wallet you won cryptocurrency. You can check out the whole process below.

If you're interested in purchasing a signed copy of the book, or the original drawings, please email me at: cartyisme[at]gmail[dot]com . XMR Accepted.

The Book:

8.5 x 5.5 in. Saddle Stitched Booklet



The Drawings:

Acrylic Ink on 8.5 x 11 in. Printer Paper

The Seed:

The Wallet:

The Locations:

*Not all locations pictured.

The Winner:

More Work By Me:

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Special Thanks to Ricardo Spagni/FluffyPony for generating a seed with only nouns.